Media Merchandise

Described below are our 'BIG SIX' products. Please choose the product that you think is most suitable to meet your objectives. Once chosen we will personalise the product as per your brief and provide a proof product sample for sign off prior to production.

Promotional Natural Mineral WaterA perfect product in terms of consumer demand and advertising space. Everybody drinks water.  Combine that advantage in a crowded space or on a hot summers day, it becomes a high demand product that is carrying your message and seen by 100’s of people during consumption.

Our specialist labelling facility allows for single or multi leaved labels that can be produced in booklet format to maximise the branded space area. Our digital printing expertise allows for special numbering of labels that can facilitate prize draws and other promotional mechanics. Click here for more details and to obtain samples.

A great alternative to Bottled Water is a branded 'Tea Bag' giveaways - high consumer demand combines great brand space on the tea bag packaging. We can also incorporate a consumer message printed on the tea bag tag. The tea is high quality, Gourmet and Organic to also promote environmental friendly and ethical awareness. Can be posted in a Direct Mail campaign as well as onsite giveaway. Click here for further detail and to obtain samples.

Promotional Fortune CookiesA great, innovative and memorable way of delivering your message. The Fortune Cookie packaging can be personalised to your corporate branding. Inside the Fortune Cookie on the message slip we can print a personalised promotional message with appropriate branding. We can incorporate a promotional mechanic with lottery numbers, a prize draw or competition details. Suitable both for onsite promotions and Direct Mail. Click here for further detail and to obtain samples.

Promotional MintsMINT COOL CARD
A plastic box of promotional mints with the dimensions of a business card containing approx 50 sugar free mints. Advertising space for printing purposes is  66mm x 40mm – great space for brand imaging and a promotional message. Wide consumer appeal. Perfect for Direct Mail Campaigns and on site giveaways. Click here for further detail and to obtain samples.Promotional Hankies

Pocket Paper Hankerchiefs packed in a resealable transparent foil with full printed inlay allowing for great advertising space that can be printed up to 4 colours. 100% consumer appeal and usefulness. Design can include a promotion mechanic and variable messages. Click here for further details and to obtain samples.

Promotional Chocolate CoinsChocolate coin nets containing various sizes of Euro Coins made our of solid milk chocolate. Attached to the net is a promotional tag with advertising space 35mm x 60mm that can be printed with Brand Image and promotional mechanic including prize draw numbers. Click here for for further details and obtain samples.