Media Merchandise


Promotional Water BottlesA high demand, low cost product with full colour 360 degree advertising space. Promotional water is the most dynamic promotional product in the marketplace that delivers your message to the widest of audiences in every location.

We apply your promotional label to the water during production in the Spring. The label can be produced in a number of shapes and sizes as long as it fits the bottle. We can produce labels as a peel off voucher for redemption or in peel away leaflet format to increase the advertising space on the label and extend promotional offers to the consumer.

Labels can be produce both in clear or solid design and be printed on both sides of our white labels for 'see thru' promotional messages. We can also print a biodegradable label approved by 'Natureflex'.

All our bottles are made in recyclable plastic (PET) and can also be produced in a composatble biodegradable plastic (PLA). We also produce in recycled glass.

There is a choice of various sizes and bottle shapes. However for major consumer promotions we recommend 250ml or 330ml with screw or sports cap.

Please call John Godfrey on 0870 712 2112 or visit for more information.